We are committed to doing the right things the right way, in service to every product, customer, vendor, and employee at all of our locations.

As the customer service headquarters for all LG products purchased throughout the United States, LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. is proud to support one of the world’s best and most successful brands. And one of the world’s best and most talented teams. Regardless of your role, the emphasis will be on exceptional customer service and following our Jeong-Do philosophy: Doing things the right way, the ethical way, our way. Be part of our dynamic team and realize your most important career objectives.

What We Do

We provide exceptional customer service, parts, and service contracts for a wide variety of popular LG product categories, which means we have opportunities in many areas.


Formed to support global consumer brand LG Electronics, we are defined by a proud past and a promising future.


Our South Korean parent organization, LG Electronics, was founded as radio manufacturer GoldStar in 1958. The company rapidly expanded to include an entire array of consumer products. Rebranded as LG Electronics, this global powerhouse has consistently led the way in its category, seamlessly transitioning to the digital age with the very latest in emerging technologies for consumer usage.

LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. originated as a manufacturer of color televisions and microwaves for the US market, which were sold under the name GoldStar. The company was then known as GSAI (GoldStar Alabama, Inc.) prior to the merger that created LG. In 1993, the facility was designated the customer service and support division of LG Electronics in the US. The organization has thrived ever since, growing from a single facility in Huntsville, Alabama to establish a second office in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as hundreds of field service technician (FST) territories for repair experts who serve the entire nation.

The current LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. is the culmination of decades of exceptional people supporting quality products within a dynamic setting—one where you can carve out a career that’s truly your own. Where great ideas are encouraged and implemented. And where significant contributions are recognized and rewarded.


In order to stay ahead of the curve and service such a broad line of products, LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. has taken impressive steps to grow through innovation and become an industry leader. Here are but a few of the milestones marking our success:

1981: LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. was founded.

• 1982: Began manufacturing color televisions.

• 1989: Began manufacturing videotapes.

• 1993: Transitioned organizational focus from manufacturing to parts.

• 1995: Started JIT (just-in-time) parts-supply and distribution business.

• 1998: Launched MC SVC, our mobile device service repair and refurbishment operations.

• 2004: Expanded to become a service support and parts organization.

• 2004: Created an in-home appliance and electronics service business called Direct Mobile Service, and hired a team of Direct Mobile Service Technicians.

• 2005: Opened our Dallas mobile device repair center.

• 2006: Opened our West Coast parts distribution warehouse.

• 2012: Opened our second tier-I call center in the Philippines.



Our entire team is guided by the Jeong-Do management philosophy: Doing things the right way and treating everyone with the utmost respect.

Each member of the team at LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. follows the LG Way, which includes the core values and beliefs of our parent company, LG. This philosophy emphasizes a vision that guides our thoughts and actions in achieving success through the practice of Jeong-Do management. Jeong-Do literally translates to “the right way,” and we succeed through fair management practices, while striving to continually develop our business skills. Our organization is built upon a solid foundation of customer-value creation and people-oriented management. In all areas of conduct, we have strictly defined guidelines for meeting our obligations. These tenets include keeping our commitment to our customers to create value and earn their confidence, engaging in fair and free competition, making fair transactions including equal opportunity for employees, encouraging ethical behavior by every employee, respecting the dignity and rights of all people, and meeting our responsibilities to our nation and society in general.

Customer Service

LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. was formed for one purpose: Customer service. Regardless of your role, your ultimate goal will be to make our end-users happy.

The result of all we do is the best possible service for every customer and client, externally and internally. Whether we’re speaking with a consumer regarding a product on the phone, performing high-tech repairs on a manufacturing line, repairing a customer’s product within the home, or managing the business systems essential to supporting our corporate structure, we are all focused on creating the best possible experience for the people who use LG products throughout the nation. They are the reason we exist as a company—and we are a big part of the reason they continue to come back to our brand time and time again.