One of the best things about working here is our highly competitive compensation - including no-cost healthcare and dental coverage.

You might not hear "thank you" every single day, but you'll certainly feel appreciated with all of the practical advantages we offer, and they come in many forms. We pride ourselves on amazing benefits. Memorable social outings and events for you and your family. And opportunities to give back to the community.

Benefits and Career Advantages

Who Works Here

What sort of person succeeds with LG Electronics Alabama, Inc.? The first and foremost quality we seek is integrity. You must be honest, highly motivated, and self-directed to achieve your goals by doing the right thing, the right way. In addition, our organization requires a bit of flexibility to accommodate our unique combination of American and Korean values. And customer service must always be top of mind. If you demonstrate exceptional talent, innovative thinking, persistence, and resilience, you can achieve greatness here.



Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Length of Service: 11 YEARS


Stacy enjoys managing approximately 40 people serving several different groups within Executive Services, including tiers II and III of our customer service lines, as well as a PR team. In addition, her group works with the state's Attorney General's office, the Better Business Bureau, and other consumer-protection organizations, and a dealer support group that includes major retail clients. She also manages the company's social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.



Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Length of Service: 11 YEARS


Peter is part of a support team that provides financial planning and analysis, and enables top management to make good business decisions. He joined the organization in 2005 at the Huntsville, Alabama location, then moved to helped open the company's new facility in Fort Worth, Texas. He directs his associates in setting up forecasts for sales and expenses, and makes determinations regarding probability of sales and profitability. His team handles functions including cost accounting and FP&A (Finance, Probability and Accounting).

"I like it because the environment is very people-oriented. And we're supporting a major, global brand: LG. So you get the resources of a big company and the friendly, family feel of a smaller one. Integrity, teamwork, and a positive attitude are very important because we interact with a lot of partners and vendors. It also helps if you like to work hard and play hard."

FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN, Upstate New York Territory


Location: Nationwide

Length of Service: 7 YEARS


Ricardo operates with the freedom of a field service technician and the full support of a nationally recognized brand. Communicating with our customer service team in Huntsville, he receives his service assignments via our sophisticated technology, and takes his service truck to the homes of our customers. Once there, he evaluates LG products and makes the repairs on-site. If he encounters unexpected issues or needs extra parts, he relays the information to the team and they respond with the necessary information or resources. He knows how to fix a wide variety of consumer electronic products and is not required to sell parts of service contracts.