As an organization focused on customer service, we’re all about taking care of people, including our team members.

Within the unique culture of LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. you’ll be guided by a combination of South Korean and American values—at once demanding of strong performance, rewarding of new ideas, and inviting to those who enjoy a different kind of challenge. One where top performers are provided with more responsibility and real career empowerment. Where great ideas are encouraged and implemented. And where significant contributions are recognized and rewarded. Working with the spirit of a large family, we believe in taking care of our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.


Head Office for Customer Service & Operations Support

Fast-paced, ever-changing, and engaging, the Head Office for Customer Service & Operations Support employs a large team of full-time employees as well as part-time staff. Serving as the customer service headquarters for all LG products sold in the United States, this location is where we assist our customers and business-to-business partners with answers to questions regarding in and out-of-warranty LG products, including parts and service issues.

Featuring a recently remodeled work space, this location offers the professional freedom to use your creativity, skill, and ambition to shape your career, attain more responsibility, and find your true calling. You can start in one post, learn new skills, and work your way into another role that is better suited to your talents. If you demonstrate superior ability and vision, we’ll empower you to create new programs and processes to enhance our success, and build upon your personal strengths and interests—all the while, establishing the kind of career you won’t find anywhere else. Come to our facility in Huntsville, and come into your own.

About Huntsville

Huntsville Offices


The Center of Mobile Communication Services

Humming with fast-paced activity, the high-tech environment that houses the Center of Mobile Communication Services in Fort Worth, Texas is a truly state-of-the-art setting, one where precision engineering, efficient production, and intelligent planning set the tone for success. Yet it’s our talented, friendly people who set us apart as a workplace.

LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. in Fort Worth offers the best of all worlds. We enjoy the potent resources of parent company LG, and the familiarity of a smaller, focused group of professionals working in unison. We like building relationships as much as we like rebuilding cell phones, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headsets, and headphones. Driven by a strong sense of integrity, our team goes all out at work–and all in for fun activities outside of work, including social gatherings and charity events.


Fort Worth Offices


Field Service Technicians

In a sense, our field service technicians create a work culture that is all their own.

Operating with a high degree of independence, they are connected to and supported by the LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. team in Huntsville through sophisticated mobile devices. Driving a dedicated truck containing all of the tools, equipment, parts, forms, and manuals needed to service products in the homes of customers throughout an assigned territory, each individual represents the company to the public.

Spending the majority of their time in the homes of customers, these outgoing, people-friendly, and productive individuals are empowered to troubleshoot, maintain, and repair our entire line of LG products. Mechanically experienced and technologically savvy, they understand the value of service, attention to detail, and diplomacy. Knowing that they are not expected to sell anything gives them a distinct advantage in the home electronics repair industry. They roll their own way, the LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. way.